Trees for the Future: Blogging For Trees & $1000

Trees, Wildlife & Nature — Rob @ 8:36 am

Header for Trees for the Future which details the conditions of the initiative. Trees for the Future is a new initiative which is encouraging people to write about green issues. The hope here is to bring awareness to the issues about the environment and the help it needs to prosper.

Meanwhile, for every post submitted, 10 trees will be planted with the goal of planting enough trees for a forest.

Basically, all you have to do is write about something green and submit it to the competition. They will plant 10 trees for you and you’ll go in the draw for $1000 and one of 3 Aveda gift packs (checkout Aveda).

To get involved, head over here for more information and a link to sign up.

Let me know if you submit any green articles.

Energy Efficient Linux Servers

Renewable Energy & Savings — Rob @ 4:49 am
Servers these days consume ridiculous amounts of power. Multiple 15000 RPM drives in RAID configurations and duets of power sucking CPUs eat a lot of energy - and it's not like everyone is offering cheap electricity, these days! An article which I read the other day was quite telling. A technology blog did a study into power consumption on servers running Windows and Linux operating systems. After some energy efficiency… Continue reading

Algae Oil Production Disadvantages & Advantages

Renewable Energy & Savings — Rob @ 4:29 am
A farm consisting of algae oil producing pondsScientists have now genetically modified algae to produce oil efficiently. Theres a site about this greenĀ  source of oil (literally), called and it provides a host of information about algae oil production. At first sight, this appears to be a great method for producing oil but since uptake on this… Continue reading

Buy A Tree, Watch it Grow From Google Earth

Trees, Wildlife & Nature — Rob @ 6:15 am
Tree planting Charity for Earth day Back a few months ago, started selling the opportunity to buy a tree and watch it grow from Google Earth. I decided to buy one, and now I have just recieved confirmation that it has been planted.

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